Fish in Australia

Fish species vary around the world. Most Australian fish are round, salt water fish - some oily like salmon and ocean trout, others white like bream and john dory. Here are some pictures of fish that are common in Australia that you may or may not be familiar with.

Fish are classified according to their habitat - salt or fresh water; their shape - flat or round; and their flesh - oily/dark or white.

In June 2008 the Australian Government decided it was time to standardise the names of fish around Australia - up until then it was common for the same fish to have a numbebr of different accepted names - but it may take some time for all fish retailers and restauranteurs in Australia to catch up with the new names. The list of new (and old) names can be found at Seafood Services Australia. (Seafood names)

Filleting fish

Filleting and skinning fish is done differently depending on whether the fish is flat or round. Flat fish swim horizonatally in the water (think of a sting ray) and have eyes on the top of the heads. Round fish (think of a goldfish) swim vertically in the water and have an eye on either side of their head.

Here's a video fthat shows how to fillet and skin a round fish. From a round fish you always get two fillets, one from each side.

Or try this one, which has a slightly different approach. There's more than one way to fillet a round fish!

Here's another video that shows how to fillet a flat fish. Note that they do this a bit differently from how we teach you at Sydney Institute. Once again, it just goes to show that there is more than one way of doing most things.

Quality points

Regardless of what type of fish you buy, it is important that it is good quality fish. Have a look at this page, it talks a bit more about the various classifications of fish, then gives a list of quality points to be considered when purchasing fish. (link)